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PertSol aims to help customers do business in better way by leveraging its industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise and comprehensive portfolio of solution and services.PertSol provides innovative processes and cutting edge technologies to build effective and scalable solutions that help customers to achieve their business objectives. PertSol brings together people, processes and technologies to provide  best-fit business and technical solutions for customers and partners. We believe that providing quality services to the clients is most essential requirement for any organization.

We Are  ISO 9001:2008 , ISO/IEC 20001-1:2011 , ISO 27001:2013 Certified !


Solutions for Location Tracking, Analytics and Intelligence

iLocator – TSPs

Location tracking for 100% subscriber base
Best in class accuracy
Integrated LBS platform with SMLCs, GMLCs, LBA
All Wireless Networks GSM/2G, WCDMA/3G, LTE, CDMA

iLocator – LEAs

Emergency Location Services
Geo-fencing, Proximity sensing
Mass location mining and tracking
Proactively solve cases
Identify area of concern
Integrate with multiple Telecom Service Providers

iLocator – State/Country

Location tracking for masses based on network capabilities
Integrate with multiple telecom operators
Inbuilt security and privacy controls
Works well when TSPs don’t have their own LBS

iLocator – Intelligence

Track people across world through our integrated platform from a single connection
Derive intelligence for location data
Identify criminals, terrorist
Large volume data analytics and mining through our SOPs derived from human intelligence

Solutions for Intelligent Data Probing

iProbe – Data

Mass interception of data communication
10G per appliance
Application level filters
Offline decoding
Mass profiling and storage

iProbe – Signalling

Network optimisation and monitoring
Automatic KPI reporting, alerting, EDR generation
Support for all telecom signalling protocols covering wireless, wireline and NGN

iProbe – Location

Interfaces for Abis, A, IuB, IuR
Generates location data from measurement messages and signalling information
Automatic location information calculation

iProbe – Enterprise

Ensure security of your network
Ensure compliance
See what your team is communicating


Solutions for Mass Alert, Satellite Based Tracking, Lawful Interception and Monitoring

Mass Communication System – iAlert

Reach out to people in a Geo-Fenced area
Multiple communication methods SMS, Voice
Multi-lingual, Cell broadcasts
iAmAvailable – Reach out to masses

Fleet Management – INMARSAT Based

Track your fleet in the Sea
Alarm when they breach the zone/border
Track intruders
Ensure safety of voyagers

Lawful Interception and Monitoring

Intercept across multiple telecom service providers and multiple networks
Voice, Data and Content interception
Analytics, Voice finger-printing
Nationwide Lawful Interception and Monitoring Control Centre

Data Warehousing and Mining

Analyse data spread across multiple domains and sources
Single integrated interface
Manage trillions of records and analyse on the fly
Structured/Un-Structured Data

Solutions for Telecom Service Providers!

Compliance Management for TSPs

Data warehouse for all transaction data including CDRs, EDRs
Aggregate on LEAs, HomeSec, Compliance related requests at a single point
Highly secure
Maintain complete traceability

True Convergence of Services for TSPs

For TSPs providing PSTN, Wireless, Broadband and plethora of telecom services
Capitalise on Integrated and converged plans
Wifi 3G Data Offloading
Wifi hotspots through broadband network, reduce 3G n/w loads

Customer Satisfaction, no Bill Shock!

Intelligent alert system for usages
Up-selling for data services
Alerting for international roaming and usage
Alerts for roamers, service quality and disconnection
Service management

Service Assurance and Business Intelligence

Network Management System
Analytics on usage, utilisation and revenue
Service improvements
Service perception
Client Acceptance


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PertSol shall soon be coming up with Apps and solutions for secure communication, smart cities management and more …


Smart Lighting
WiFi City
Smart Communication Platform

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